Profile: Choosy’s Tea and Coffee House

choosys-logoBased on King Street, Choosy’s is an independent store selling a wide range of speciality tea and coffee with a traditional tea and coffee house on the first floor.

Owner Margaret Alcantrilla explained: “As well as a wide range of speciality teas and coffees we also sell all the associated products such as cafetieres, espresso makers, milk frothers, coffee grinders, tea infusers and collectable teapots which are handmade in Suffolk. Alongside this we sell a range of confectionery.

“Everything is freshly made to order. Customers can also choose from our wide range of coffee beans which are then freshly ground for their cafetieres. We provide traditional waitress service which our customers seem to appreciate and we are very proud of the fact that we have been running since 1985 which we believe makes us one of Huddersfield’s longest running tea and coffee houses.”

Margaret added: “We joined the Partnership to keep up to date with what is happening in the town and to benefit from the networking opportunities.”

Choosy’s phone number is 01434 518823, and they have a website here with more details.